Gram Flour Dessert

Gram Flour Dessert is one of the popular dessert in Pakistan. It’s very popular dish in winter season with ” Kashmeri Tea ” as I said before “There are no rules and regulations for eating “. But it’s hard to find on any sweet shop in summer. 
So’ why can’t i make it by myself ? 
It goes best with evening tea or as a desert after dinner. .

If you have a ” Sweet Tooth ” too so ‘ you must try this recipe. It’s a very easy and very cheap too. Because all you need is only one special ingredient and that’s Gram Flour.

So, here are the ingredients.

. Gram Flour : 1 cup

. Clarified Butter : 1 cup 

. Suger (of course): 1/2 cup

. Milk : 1/2 cup

. Vanilla essence (or anyone of your choice): Few Drops 

. Green Cardamom 

. Almonds 

. Walnuts 


Take a cooking pot.Put on medium heat, put clarified butter in it.

Let the clarified butter melt, put cardamom sugar and gram flour. 

 stir it with wooden spoon till the sugar get dissolves and you will notice that gram flour’s colour is changing. 

Keep the heat on low flame while frying the gram flour.

Be careful about frying the gram flour as it’s change colour very fast and can be burn and you will get a black or dark brown colour at the . So , once again be careful as this part is bit tricky . 

Now add essence and milk into it (don’t put the milk in once . Pour it a little again and again until you see a fine texture) and Keep stirring till the flour is completely combined & become fine texture . 

Taste it before serving. If you feel a taste of raw gram flour so cook it until the taste is change.

Serve it hot by adding almonds and walnuts on it .

Remember that don’t stop stirring as the mixture can be lumpy.  

You may be needed some extra butter or milk  to get the fine texture. 

 You can change the amount of ingredients. 

Make ‘Enjoy and Comments.


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