Spicy Fries or Masala Fries 

Who doesn’t like fries? Every body does . But if you like spices  so you must try this recipe.                   


 So ‘after a while I got time to share my MASALA FRIES (same fries which I served with omelette ) recipe with my friends. It’s a great snack at night while you’re watching some movie or it can be serve woth bbq as a side dish. I add some fries strips to my soft sandwich to make it crunchy.                      

Things you will need for this recipe are:

. Potatoes  :  3 ( washed and peeled)

. Gram Flour : 2 Tbsp
. All purpose flour1 :Tbsp

. Red chilli powder: 1 Tsp 

. Salt : 1/2 Tsp

. Cumin seeds : 1/2 Tsp

. Garlic Paste : 1/2 

. Oil for frying  .


.Cut the potatoes in Fries shape . .Mix all the ingredients in a bowl by adding some water until make a thick paste.

.Now coat the mixture on potato strips.

.Heat the oil and fry like you do your fries.( I burned my one a bit caz i was making green sauce so forgot the fries). 

.Once you get a pretty golden brown colour it’s mean that your dish is ready to serve 

.Serve with cream cheese or sour cream for a different taste. Or you can serve with any sauce which you like.

Green sauce: 

        Take some coriander leaves, fresh mint leaves, green chillies, garlic clove and salt, blend all in a blender and make a thick sauce . While blending add 1 tsp of white vinegar. 

   Free Tip: If your better doesn’t stick with strips so add an egg to your better . Mixture will definitely stick.( I got this tip from a fries vendor and it always works for me )

Note: Sometimes I change the flavour by adding different species like ” Tandoori  Masala, Pickel Masala ” or any others. But remember that if you are adding other spices so you have to use less quantity of spices from above . 

Make , Enjoy and give your feedback .


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