Loaded Omelette 

We usually take omelette in breakfast but I like to have it at night. Well, there are no rules or timing for eating an omelette. 

So make it and eat it whenever you want.

The recipe I am sharing is my own recipe. I like sour and spicy.

The ingredients are:

.Eggs  : 4 

.Tomato : 1 ( medium and chopped)

.Green chillies : 2 (chopped)

.Potato : 1 ( medium cut into thin and small slices)

.Coriander leaves : chopped 

.Black olives : Few (chopped)

.Slat : as per taste 

.Red pepper : Half tsp

.Chinese salt (optional)

.Black paper (optional)



. Whisk all the eggs in a large bowl and then add spices and veggies (except the coriander leaves) and mix together. 


Be sure not to add too much veggies. If the mixture gets thick it’ll be hard to flip the egg, thus, it’ll break.

. Now grease a nonstick pan with oil and pour the mixture and leave the pan on low heat. 

. When one side is cook then flip it over. Now the tricky part is “how to flip eggs ” ?

So here is a tip use a table spoon or a wooden spoon to flip the eggs. 

Now fold omelette and sprinkle coriander over it .  If u like cheese so add 1 or two slices and cook until cheese is melted. 

Or you can put it in oven until cheese is melted .

Serve with fries and red red ketchup on it . (I used masala fries here. I will upload Masala Fries recipe too as soon as I could.

Note : You can take half of the ingredient also because i used only two eggs.I used one lemon too. 

Enjoy and leave comments .


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