No Poo Method 

  I used to have healthy and thick hair. But I ruined them by using different chamicals like ( hair colouring ,bleaching , rebounding, curling) without any protection. I used to condition my hair after about 4 or 5 months. 2’3 years later I noticed that I’m having severe hair fall and my hairs are no more thick. I lost the shine and the beauty of hairs and sadly, I don’t even have a picture. I m scared to use any other harsh chamicals on hairs as I don’t want to go bald . Now the hair is very thin and frizzy just like a dry grass or a broom. I don’t even like to comb sometimes because it hurts combing dry hair. So I have to tame it with a few drops of oil but I don’t like oil, honestly.

It’s my hair story from good to bad .

A couple of weeks ago I was just browsing about how to get silky or shiny hair naturally. I don’t know where I read about “No Poo method”.

It’s sounds strange to me (because I heard about it first time) but, as I don’t want to let my hair suffer from the harsh chemicals anymore’ so I start  following the “No Poo method” without thinking about the results( I already had played enough with my hairs) . But the result was unbelievable for me .

In one week my hair are so soft and i can feel the difference. 

So I thought about sharing it with others people too (like my mother sisters and cousins). I make a small ” No Poo community”  and add my family members to it. So why shouldn’t I share it with you?

Here is the recipe for “No Poo “followers 

.Baking soda 


.Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar 

Put 1-2 tbsp of baking soda into a 16oz cup (or close). The ideal ratio is about 1 tbsp of baking soda per 1 cup of water but u can use as length of your hairs.When you go to shower,fill the cup with water and add baking soda to it. stir until the baking soda is dissolved. If the mixture feels gritty or pasty, either add more water or use less baking soda. Now apply the mixture to your hair. you should work it in with your fingers, gradually distributing it throughout  of your hair. It won’t lather like shampoo, but it does give your hair a distinct “smooth” feelings. Once you’ve rubbed it around a bit, you should be ready to rinse. After rinse you’re ready for conditioning.

Same method goes for conditioning but we have to use vinegar instead of baking soda here .

1 tbsp of the vinegar per 1 cup of water. If you like you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil( i use coconut oil because I don’t like the smell of vinegar even after washing hair it sticks in my head and follow me every where so i just hate it). When you’ve mixed up your conditioner, pour it on and work it in just like you did the baking soda. After 5 to 10 minutes , rinse thoroughly.

Remember that when you pour vinegar solution just pull your head back and close your eyes so it won’t go to eyes.

.You may not get the result in few washes.

.So stay calm and try&try and don’t give up you will get the results soon. 


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